domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010


The spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia) belongs to the order of Ciconiiformes (storks and similar birds) and Threskiornithidae family, genus Platalea. Its main distinctive feature is its spatula-shaped beak. The knife gets its name from its spectacular peak that catches the eye (20-23 cm.). In addition to serving as a key tool in the search for food exploring shallow waters.

Sized (80-86 cm. In length and 135 cm.'s Scale). During the nuptial plumage is entirely white, except for a yellowish elongated spot is at the base of the neck, the neck bears a striking white plume and that makes regia. The peak of black streaked with an orange stain on crescent at the tip of the beak. This stain is different in each, thus representing the DNI in these birds. Black legs and iris crimson. Young people have the tips of the primaries black.

In winter no bib and ribbon and feathers of the neck are white. No gender differences, except for beak size, the more of males to females.

These encounter took place in tha KHEOLADEO GANA NATIONAL PARK in Rajastan on the India North. The most famous and espectaclar National Park in India for birdwatchers.

Reino: Animalia

Filo: Chordata
Clase: Aves
Orden: Ciconiiformes/Pelecaniformes
Familia: Threskiornithidae
Subfamilia: Plateinae

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  1. We have them near Dordrecht, in the Biesbos... Saw them several times here in Holland.

  2. yes Els are ery common in Europe, they are many in Spain