martes, 10 de agosto de 2010


It seems that nature has been arrested in the month of August, but not so in every corner, anywhere you see the living nature. Are these days, days of hustle and bags for all, we went on HOLIDAY or at least a few days of rest and holiday, here in the northern hemisphere. Storks (ciconnia ciconnia) as well.

On arriving in early spring to occupy their old nests and to find a mate and bell towers and telephone poles in our cities received them with joy and happiness. Prenuptial migration call. There have been raising their chickens the first part of summer. We saw in the Guadalquivir in April ( and photographed in their nests in May of Empordà wetlands (  Well it's time to march and go home, it is time to return to Africa.

And those who have chosen to do, not want to stay in Spain, we see the grasslands of Extremadura, Andalusia along the banks, marshes and fields Huelva and Cadiz Janda together in large groups, last energy store, wait change the wind and currents traced circles to reach the top of the sky and take in the thousands, it is believed that more than 80,000 birds, go back home.

So are these days in Spain, days of looking at the sky and watch them navigate the clear idea of crossing the Straits of Gibraltar at the time when the east wind stop blowing.

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