domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010


While throughout the year is almost deserted in summer, houses in the village of El Rocío rented as rural tourism, is a lot of traffic in this pedestrian path within the PN de Doñana in Huelva province. I to 3.5 kilometers stretching from the same village down the bridge will Rocina in these ponds and marshes that there are many birds these days. In fact it's where I saw more wildlife today as storks will focus on migration with the usual species that live in the marsh as spoonbills and flamingos.

We enter the Rocina pedestrian path, the information service opened at 8 and standing inside is important to get an idea of what we visit and the importance of this ecosystem, unique in Europe. The trail goes through three different ecosystems. The first section runs from pine trees to get closer to the observatory of El Charco del Perchel, very busy spring but this summer we have only seen some whistling ducks.  Specially the Ferruginous Duck ( aythya nyroca). A big surprise to see out of the water to a family of  boar.

From here the trail leads to the Algaida of Carrizal. The Algaida are small tributaries that drain water into the stream and bird sanctuary on its banks of cattails, sedges and reeds. In the second, the Egyptian Mongoose Algaida have heard the robin and goldfinch sing.

The next section runs through Mont Blanc, rosemary, lavender and filled with aromas almoradux morning and magpies, alerted to our presence breaks the air with their cries. In this mountain you can see white oaks, wild olive scrub associated with the myrtle, arbutus, and fusco, near water. You always think you'll see the lynx in this stretch, but today no luck.

In the last section by gallery forest walk and we searched two more observatories overlooking the Pool of the Mouth. Many Glossi Ibis (plegadis falcinellus) and spoonbills(platalea leucorodia) resting on the lagoon while various waterfowl foraging for food. While looking back the sky for raptors but is on the floor where we find the surprise with a snub-nosed viper that runs away with our presence.
This is a friendly and highly recommended trail to visit family and small have a baptism in the observation of ecosystems and habitats of special interest. There is another link to this path, conducted in spring

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