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Royal Chitwan National Park is synonymous with some of the most rewarding and stimulating wildlife activities in Nepal. The park is approximately 1,000 sq. km. of sub-tropical lowland jungle, five hours by road from Kathmandu or a 25 minute flight. It is home to a multitude of wild animals including the Royal Bengal tiger and the endangered one horn Rhinoceros native to Nepal of which there are less than 1,500 surviving. The most important colony at the world.

They are two especials activities in the park for birdwatching, the most interesting are the safary by boat for the Rapti river bank. During the canoe trip on the Rapti River, is will be able to view an array of nature's beautiful riverside scenery including different types of birds, they are more than 420 species at park and is possible to see too, the two types of crocodile - Gharial and Mugger basking on the river bank, and other aquatic creatures.

All the guides from Nepal speak tah mores 420 species of bird into yhe park but the reallity is that in migration season is possible to see more than 530 species of birds. There are Cormorants, Herons, Egrets, Storks, Cranes, Ducks, Woodpeckers, Hawks, Osprey, Falcons, Kestrel, Parakeets, Ibis, Kites, Cuckoos, Kingfishers, Swallows, Orioles, Drongos, Babblers and many others.

The safari boat is the best for watching the birds in the river banks or in the tree near of the river but if you want to see the jungle birds the another options are teh elephant safari. Ride an elephant are exciting and the best option to see the most coloures birds of the jungle.

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